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VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad | JUST WIPED 3/28 Server Image
VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad | JUST WIPED 3/28 Rustopia Mapping
24 / 300 players
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VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo/Duo/Trio | JUST WIPED 3/27 Server Image
VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo/Duo/Trio | JUST WIPED 3/27 Rustopia Mapping
20 / 175 players
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Just Wiped
VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo/Duo | JUST WIPED 3/29 Server Image
VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo/Duo | JUST WIPED 3/29 Custom Map
52 / 175 players
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VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo Only | JUST WIPED 3/29 Server Image
VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo Only | JUST WIPED 3/29 Rustopia Mapping
16 / 125 players
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[EU] VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo Only | JUST WIPED 3/29 Server Image
[EU] VortexRust.gg - 2x Solo Only | JUST WIPED 3/29 Rustopia Mapping
4 / 125 players
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VortexRust.gg - 5x No BPs | JUST WIPED 3/27 Server Image
VortexRust.gg - 5x No BPs | JUST WIPED 3/27 Rustopia Mapping
2 / 200 players
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Just Wiped
VortexRust.gg - 2x Main | JUST WIPED 3/30 Server Image
VortexRust.gg - 2x Main | JUST WIPED 3/30 Custom Map
2 / 200 players
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The Outpost

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Server Rules

Cheating is generally defined as the use of unauthorized or unfair methods to gain an advantage over other players. This can include things like using hack programs or cheats to gain an advantage in combat or resource gathering, using exploits or glitches to gain access to areas or resources that are not intended to be accessible.

Do not use any third-party paid or free programs which provide an unfair advantage in-game.

This includes scripts which can perform any action that is otherwise not possible to be performed ingame.

Do not do anything to bypass a ban on our servers. Do not try to join with a different account.
Any attempt to do so will result in additional bans. If you were banned, sit it out.

Alternate accounts with Rust EAC Game Bans under 365 days will result in the new account being banned.

If you are over 365 days with only 1 Rust Gameban and no issues since that time you will be able to play.

Any Non-Rust Bans (regardless of game) <90 days are not allowed.

If you connect with one, you will be automatically kicked. All appeals will be ignored and denied.

Do not try to use any unfair advantages which were not intentionally possible within the game.

This includes but is not limited to accessing inaccessible areas, utilizing game objects to allow you to see or shoot through unintended colliders, and creating graphic errors or using graphical adjustments not built into the native game.

Any players found inside of the terrain will also be banned.

Any actions that cause substantial performance issues to a server may be grounds for immediate removal of the entities or player bans.

This includes, but is not limited to, spam crafting, mass despawning, and spamming fireworks.

Due to our servers featuring a combined Bandit Camp and Outpost we do not permit players to wall off or limit access to this safe zone monument.
If you are found to be doing this, entities will be removed without replacement.

This does not apply to our 10x or 1000x servers.

Vortex follows all established FacePunch ToS in regards to communication performed in game via voice, text, notes, etc.
If you are found to be breaking this you may be muted or banned from our servers.

Any release of personal real life information (doxxing) will result in the immediate permanent removal from our servers.

We do not permit the use of any VPN or Proxy services with the exception of Geforce Now or other cloud gaming systems.

Stream sniping is defined as the act of watching a live stream of another player and using that information to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This can include using the stream to locate the streamer and attack them, to steal their resources or loot, or to gain insight into their strategy or plans.

Stream sniping is considered to be a form of cheating, as it allows players to gain an unfair advantage over other players who are not using a live stream. It can also be disruptive and frustrating for the streamer, who may feel that their stream is being used against them. As such we have rules against stream sniping, and players who are found to be engaging in this behavior may be subject to moderation action.

This is reviewed on a case by case basis and the burden of proof is on the streamer. The streamer must be using all standard known measures to protect their stream including, but not limited to: streamer mode, map overlay, disabled chat, non-obvious Steam names, etc.

Rustopia staff, as a standard practice, will neither sit and observe a stream nor spectate suspected parties to acquire evidence on behalf of the broadcaster. Decisions to take or not take moderation actions based on the facts available are the sole discretion of the administrator reviewing the report.

Failure to have the basic protections in place on a stream will be cause for closure of the report.

Association with a cheater would generally be defined as having a relationship or connection with a player who has been found to be using cheats or hacks to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This can include being friends with a cheater, playing on the same team as a cheater, or regularly communicating with a cheater.

In general, association with a cheater can be considered a form of cheating by association, as it can indicate that the player may have knowledge of or be involved in the use of cheats or hacks. As such, players who are found to be associated with cheaters may be subject to disciplinary action, such as warnings or bans, depending on the severity of the situation and the player'\s level of involvement.

We do not condone playing with cheaters.
Be careful who you team with!
Repeat offenders risk being permanently banned.

Teaming is NOT allowed on the group-limited servers. This includes having alliances. Do not bag players into your base.

To be more specific, any time you are caught with more than the maximum allowed players either in your base, while you’re roaming, or in any other situation in which an admin deems that you have been teaming/alliancing, you WILL be banned.

We will consider sharing/combining resources as teaming.
Players should not be giving/trading unreasonable and/or high amounts of items such as sulfur, explosives, rockets, timed explosives etc. with any other players on our server or it may be seen as exceeding the team limits.

Giving away bases is not permitted and will be considered resource sharing.

If you want to replace a teammate, that is okay, however, you can only do this 1 time per wipe and the process is as follows; first notify a staff member so we can keep record, second remove all code locks, clear TC and remove old teammates bag, third replace all code locks and have new teammate auth on TC.

Type !swap in game for in game information.

Please note that the rules listed are not exhaustive and are provided as a general guideline. We reserve the right to take moderation action at our discretion in all situations, including those that may not be specifically covered by the listed rules. We will always strive to be fair and consistent in our moderation decisions, but ultimately, our goal is to maintain a positive and enjoyable environment for all players.

Vortex Staff Team

Avatar of Ghost
Ghost Server Owner
Avatar of Irish
Irish Senior Manager
Avatar of Tryhard
Tryhard Senior Developer
Avatar of Tenor
Tenor Staff Manager
Avatar of Router
Router Staff Manager
Avatar of CAMOMO_10
CAMOMO_10 Jr. ChatMod
Avatar of Gorgar
Gorgar Senior Admin
Avatar of Scientist
Scientist Senior Admin
Avatar of Empress
Empress Administrator
Avatar of Kailey
Kailey Administrator
Avatar of yoshi
yoshi Administrator
Avatar of Seawheels
Seawheels Administrator
Avatar of DuckOfKyiv
DuckOfKyiv Administrator
Avatar of AlixAlex
AlixAlex Administrator
Avatar of JoeyThicc
JoeyThicc Administrator
Avatar of Money
Money Administrator

Frequently Asked Questions

All player reports should be submitted using the the in-game F7 system.
We do not accept reports via Discord or DMs. These will be ignored.

When you submit an in game report it forces you to find the player in the F7 list, this gives us the correct info needed to know who we are looking at.

Vortex is owned and operated by the Rustopia Official server group. Administrators do not play on the servers or interfere with gameplay in any way.

Every Rust server is set to save at a certain interval, generally every 10 minutes.
If a server crashes unexpectedly it will revert to the last save point.

Unfortunately, though we understand this is frustrating, we are not able to spawn in or replace any items lost.
This would be unfair to other players who also potentially lost items.

Admins are permitted to assist with certain issues in game. Please create a ticket to make a request. You can also report bugs via F7.

This is a known consequence of either of these actions taking place.
We are unfortunately not able to reimburse any items lost from a crafting queue to ensure fairness to all players.

While we have all felt the pain of an issue causing items to be lost we cannot for any reason intentionally rollback our servers.

Sleeping and/or disconnecting in Outpost will cause you to be killed by the NPCs.
This has been a native Rust feature for years, and staff cannot assist with any lost items.

All abuse reports are taken seriously when we receive them. However, not everything that you may find offensive is something that we can take moderation action against.

We would suggest you mute players locally in game be either clicking on their name in chat or pulling them up in the contacts tab and muting them from there.

This will not moderate them for everyone, but it removes them from your game experience and gives us time to review things further.

Team limits are most likely listed in the server title or can be found in our Discord.

Please visit Discord.gg/VortexRust